(形容詞) 能耐嚴寒的,尤指能耐極地渦旋 (polar vortex) 氣候現象所造成的酷寒的。亦寫成 vortex proof, polar vortex-proof

Polar vortex-proof wool sweaters from Iceland. Traditional Ukrainian religious icons. Reindeer jerky. These are just some of the holiday gifts you can cross off your list this weekend at holiday markets sponsored by local cultural organizations.
—Fritz Hahn, "D.C.-area Christmas bazaars offer a world tour of holiday cheer," The Washington Post, November 20, 2014

The legendary Maine clothing retailer is promoting what it calls a "vortex proof" winter coat, further evidence that a once-obscure phenomenon known only to geeks in the meteorological subculture has emerged as a national player.
—Tony Wood, "Vortex proof?," The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 20, 2014