zombie car

(名詞) 僵屍車 - 車內電腦系統遭惡意駭客入侵並控制的車輛;長期停放在路邊、停車場或其他地方而無人使用的車輛。

An increasing number of vehicles have been abandoned by their owners at roadsides and in car parks, leading to complaints from residents in many communities and housing estates.

The vehicles include scrap cars and vehicles that are damaged beyond repair.

Traffic police said residents can report the "zombie cars" to them and authorities will either contact the owners or tow the cars away.
—"At a Glance," Shenzhen Daily, April 11, 2013

A new hazard smartphone app can now hack into and control cars connected to wireless networks by "zombifying" it, making drivers' efforts to resist effortless....

Experts say that Korea is all but unprepared for this zombie-car hacking.
—Ko Dong-hwan, "Smartphone hacking app 'zombifies' cars with Internet connection," The Korea Times, September 11, 2013