(名詞) 危機就是轉機。亦寫成 crisatunity。這個字是由 crisis 和 opportunity 拼綴而成,因此它的含意並非只有「危險」(danger) 而已,還有「機會」(opportunity),也就是危機就是轉機。

Abortion-rights groups, which see contributions rise when their opponents are in power, have long known about crisatunity, even if they didn’t call it that.
New York Times, 8 Jan. 2010.

None of these ideas are new. Legislators have been half-heartedly jawing about them for years. But the state’s budget “crisitunity,” as Homer Simpson would say, has finally created the incentive to do a few right things.
Providence Journal, 26 Jan. 2009.