give off; give onto; give out; give over; give over to

give * off +
發出、散發出或冒出 (氣味,氣體、液體等)
The police stopped the van because it was giving off a lot of black smoke.

give * off +
擺出 (某種樣子)
She gives off an air of nobility.

give off
擴大,擴展 (事業規模等)
The company is giving off all over the country.

give onto +
(門窗等) 面向,朝向
The French windows give onto the lawn.

give * out +
I earn extra money by giving out brochures on the street.
Somebody was giving leaflets out in front of the underground station.

give out
(身體部位) 出問題;(體力) 衰退;(機器) 故障,壞掉
His heart finally gave out under the strain.
I hope this car doesn't give out in the middle of the desert.

give out
The water gave out after a week in the desert.

give * out +
They gave the names of the winners out last night.

give * out +
發出、放出 (聲、光等)
The sun gives out light and heat to the earth.

give over
停止 (做某事)
They were making a lot of noise so I told them to give over.

give over
停止 (某活動)
The police told the rioters to give over.

give * over +
We've given the premises over to the new company.

give * over to
He gave himself over to finding his son.

give * over to
After her death, they gave control of the estate over to her niece.