gag for; gang up against/on; gee up; give way; give way to

gag for +
I was gagging for a drink. (我真想喝一杯)

gang up against/on +
(結夥,聯合起來) 欺侮,霸凌
The whole class ganged up against/on Mary because she was the teacher's pet. (由於瑪麗是老師面前的紅人,全班都聯合起來欺負她)

gee up
(主英) 激勵,策勵 (某人/某事物更快地或更有效地工作)
My horse was slow so I told it to gee up. (我的馬慢吞吞的,所以我就策勵牠跑快一點)

gee * up
(主英) 激勵 (某人);給 (某人) 加油
I tried to gee him up. (我試著激勵他)

give way
坍塌,垮掉,潰堤;讓 (其他車輛) 先行;讓步,屈服
The bridge threatened to give way as the flood waters rose. (洪水水位上升,橋樑有坍塌之虞)
You must give way at this intersection. (在這個交叉路口,你必須讓其他車輛先行)
I finally gave way and accepted his proposals. (我最後讓步,接受了他的建議)

give way to +
讓 (其他車輛) 先行;讓步,屈服;失控於 (某種強烈情緒);被淘汰取代 (尤因另一方較好,較便宜,較容易、較現代化等)
Drivers must give way to cyclists. (司機必須讓腳踏車騎士先行)
The government will not give way to terrorism. (政府不會屈服於恐怖主義)
Don't give way to your fears. (不要怕)
The teacher gave way to his anger and started screaming at us. (老師怒不可遏,開始對我們大吼大叫)
Over the next few years, the city's buses will give way to a new light rail system. (未來幾年市公車將被輕軌所取代)