give up; give up on; give yourself up to; gloss over; gnaw at; gnaw away at; go about; go across; go across to; go after

give * up +
戒除;放棄,停止做 (經常做的事)
I gave up taking sugar in tea and coffee to lose weight.

give * up +
與 (某人) 斷絕關係;停止與 (某人) 交往
She gave up all her school friends when she went to university.

give up +
停止做 (某事)
I have given up trying to help them.

give up
不再嘗試;停止 (某嘗試);放棄 (努力)
I can't think of the answer; I give up.
Decide what you want and then don't give up until you've achieved it.

give * up +
把 (時間、精力等) 用於
I gave up all my free time to the project.

give * up +
I gave up my seat to a pregnant woman.

give * up +
交出 (某人,某物);自首
The police told the thief to give his gun up.

give up on +
失去對 (某人或某事) 的信心;不再相信或信任 (某人或某事)
I gave up on them when I heard what they were saying about me behind my back.

give up on +
放棄對 (某人) 的希望
I have given up on them; they never do what they promise.

give yourself up to +
The scientist gave himself up to a study of the life history of flies.

gloss over +
The Minister tried to gloss over the report that was critical of her department.

gnaw at +
折磨或困擾 (某人)
I know it was wrong and guilt has gnawed at me ever since I did it.

gnaw at +
The government's dishonesty has gnawed at people's trust in politicians.

gnaw away at +
Their behavior gnawed away at our trust in them.

go about +
How should I go about telling her the bad news?

go about/around/round
(疾病或消息) 流傳
A rumor is going about involving the Attorney General.

go across
越過 (馬路、水域、空間等)
I'll just go across and get a loaf of bread.

go across to +
越過 (馬路、水域、空間等) 到 (另一地);轉投到另一邊;改信 (另一宗教、信仰、論點等)
I'll just go across to the shop and get a loaf of bread.
He went across to the opposition.

go after +
The cat went after the pigeon, but it flew away.