(名詞) 尊重或通融他人之宗教信仰的無神論者 (atheist);參加宗教儀式的無神論者。亦寫成 fatheist
faitheism (名詞):尊重他人之宗教信仰的無神論。

Some days I just wish more people like Nietzsche were around. At least then the Church would have a worthy adversary, rather than the "faitheists" that now abound.
—Dan Paetkau, "Have your say," Winnipeg Free Press, March 25, 2011

I had never heard the word "faitheist" before, but I was pretty sure it wasn't a compliment.

I blushed and ran my hands through my short hair — a nervous habit — and cleared my throat, asking if it was intended to be an insult.

"Yes," he said without inflection. "There's nothing worse than a 'faitheist.'"
—Chris Stedman, "Toxic atheism drives people apart," Salon, October 21, 2012