digital dementia

(名詞) 數位痴呆 - 長期使用數位裝置所造成的記憶力和認知能力受損或變差。

The 2-year-old who can nimbly use an iPad or kill a gazillion monsters playing a video game isn't necessarily a genius, says Dr. Manfred Spitzer, a neuroscientist and psychiatrist. That child could be en route to trouble with memory and thinking, a condition Spitzer and others call "digital dementia."
—Mary Ann Roser, "'Digital dementia' for our screen-addicted kids,"; The Seattle Times, March 16, 2014

Meanwhile, doctors in gadget-hooked South Korea have coined the term "digital dementia" after seeing app-addicts with memory and cognitive issues similar to brain injury.
—Sandara Dick, "What will paint rosy childhood memory?," Edinburgh Evening News, March 18, 2014