digital nomad

(名詞) 數位游牧民族:利用科技 (尤指無線網路) 來工作而不需要辦公室或其他固定地址的人。
digital nomadism (n.):數位游牧生活。

Gruber and Consalvo are digital nomads. They work — clad in shorts, T-shirts and sandals — wherever they find a wireless Web connection to reach their colleagues via instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and occasionally by voice on their iPhones or Skype. As digital nomads, experts say, they represent a natural evolution in teleworking. The Internet let millions of wired people work from home; now, with widespread WiFi, many have cut the wires and left home (or the dreary office) to work where they please — and especially around other people, even total strangers.
—Michael S. Rosenwald, "Digital Nomads Choose Their Tribes," The Washington Post, July 26, 2009