come from; come in; come in for; come into; come into use; come off; come off it; come on; come out; come out in; come out with

come from +
She comes from Russia
Eggs come from chickens.

come in
The plane came in at two-thirty in the morning.

come in
(消息) 被收到;(消息) 傳來
Reports are just coming in of an assassination attempt on the President.

come in +
(競賽中) 取得名次
I did my best but came in last but one in the race.

come in for +
遭到 (批評等);接受 (讚揚等)
Jack's come in for quite a lot of criticism of late.

come into +
She came into a lot of money when her grandmother died.

come into use
The computerized system came into use at the end of last year.

come off
I picked it up and the handle came off in my hand.

come off
I was surprised when the plan came off so easily.

come off it
Come off it; tell me the truth for goodness' sake.

come on
(疾病) 開始發作,襲來
I've got a bit of a headache. I hope it doesn't mean I've got flu coming on.

come on
(電燈、機器等) 開,開啟,開動,開始運轉
The central heating comes on automatically an hour before I have to get up.

come on
(用於鼓勵) 振作起來
Come on; don't give up now when you're so close to finishing.

come out
(秘密等) 被揭露
The details of the scandal came out in the press and she had to resign.

come out
I didn't see the car at first. It came out of nowhere.

come out
(書籍、專輯、電影等) 出版;發行;問世
The band's new CD is coming out in September.

come out
出櫃 (將自己的同性戀身份公開)
Sam finally came out last month.
She came out at university and has been living with her partner, Jane, for the last couple of years.

come out
(太陽、月亮、星星) 露出,出現
It started cloudy, but then the sun came out and we all went to the park.

come out
The red wine I spilt just will not come out of the carpet no matter what I try to clean it with.

come out in +
(因生病或食物、藥物過敏而) 起疹子或出現類似皮膚問題
She came out in a nasty rash after touching the poisonous plant by mistake.

come out with +
推出 (產品)
Microsoft is coming out with a new video game system next month.

come out with +
突然說出 (通常指令人驚訝的事情)
She came out with the answer when everyone was expecting it to remain unsolved.
You never know what the children are going to come out with.