digital tattoo

(名詞) 數位紋身 - 一個人在網路張貼資訊及存取網路資源所產生的難以移除的數位印記。

The knowledge that messages will vanish also frees users from what Cornell Professor Jeff Hancock calls the "digital tattoo." "If you do something online, it's difficult to remove," he said.
—Katharine Schwab, "Snapchat takes digital retro: Free to be candid," The San Francisco Chronicle, August 11, 2013

Giving a child any device with an Internet connection requires oversight. A sudden wave of adolescent emotion could generate a photo or a social media message that could become what Gail Lovely, a former teacher and owner of Lovely Learning, a consulting firm for schools, refers to as a "digital tattoo" that comes up in a job interview 10 years later.
—Warren Buckleitner, "A Digital Back-to-School Checklist," The New York Times, August 28, 2013