(名詞) 沒有作用的環保技術,尤指安裝在現有的建築物上、但對於降低該建築物之自然資源使用率沒什麼助益的設備。亦寫成 ecobling

Doug King, a visiting professor of building engineering physics at the University of Bath and author of the new report, said that it had become fashionable for people to install renewable energy at home but warned against it. "Eco-bling describes unnecessary renewable energy visibly attached to the outside of poorly-designed buildings - it's a zero-sum approach," he said. "If you build something that is just as energy-hungry as every other building and then put a few wind turbines and solar cells on the outside that addresses a few per cent of that building's energy consumption, you've not achieved anything.
—Alok Jha, "Eco-bling and retrofitting won't meet emissions targets, warn engineers," The Guardian, January 20, 2010