(名詞) 運送包裹及其他貨物的無人 (駕駛的) 車輛或飛機。亦寫成 deliver-bot。這個字是由 delivery + robot 拼綴而成。

For some, the announcement may have conjured visions of deliverbots whizzing through the air, ringing doorbells with mechanical arms. But the latest manifestation of Mr. Bezos' laser focus on customer service hints at bigger disruptions to come.
—Rachel King, "Amazon's Drones Will Change More than Delivery," The Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2013

Need a package delivered before the meeting starts? No problem. Other projections for work day dynamics include a modular "deliverbot" designed to deliver your packages.
—Darren Hunter, "Rethinking Happy Hour With The Self-Driving Office," Forbes, December 17, 2014