goat cheese curtain

(名詞) 都市中老成世故的人士與樸實、傳統的人士或沒有心機的粗人之間假想的界線或分野。亦寫成 goat's cheese curtain

At 2am every Saturday Mark Weston loads up his car with cheese and milk, and slips behind the "goat cheese curtain" — the clientele of weekend markets spread throughout Perth, 450 kilometres south of his Bookara Goat Dairy.
—Kerry Faulkner, "Dairy with a difference," Outback, April 1, 2015

I don't recall those behind the goat cheese curtain getting outraged when the Liars Party wanted to gag the media.
—Jansen, "Freedom of speech" (comment), The New Australian, May 15, 2015