(名詞) 對紙的美感情有獨鍾;偏愛印在紙上的讀物而不喜歡顯示在電腦螢幕上的讀物。
paperphile (名詞):對紙的美感情有獨鍾的人;偏愛印在紙上的讀物而不喜歡顯示在電腦螢幕上的讀物的人。

Why Moleskines, and why now? Their resurgence coincided exactly with the rise of digital connectedness, and my gut told me the two must be related. But how? Was it just nostalgia, an effort to escape from the messiness of the present into the simplicity of an idealized past? Maybe paperphilia really isn't so different from the recessive pinings that motivate some people to own antique cars.
—William Powers, Hamlet's Blackberry, Harper, June 29, 2010

Paperphilia seems to have captured imaginations worldwide in the last few years, its resurgence coinciding with a rekindled consumer love of simple arts and crafts, part of a "digital backlash" as Benja puts it. "Paper is unassuming and humble, we see and use it everyday."
—Frankie Unsworth, "DQ 40 Profile Benja Harney,", March 6, 2011