peak people

(名詞) 人口高峰期:世界人口達到最高的時期,之後由於出生率降低或全球能源、食物和飲用水短缺,人口即呈現穩定下滑的趨勢。

We have peak cheap oil and global climate change combined with a shortage of phosphorus and water. We have reached the point where we will be unable to feed the population we have. Expect a decline not a growth. Some will starve, some will die in the inevitable resources wars and most of those wars will be over water not oil. I feel confident in predicting there will be less people on this planet in 20 years not more. We have reached peak people!
—Ron Beasley, "Denial is not a River," The Moderate Voice, May 6, 2011

The world is on the threshold of what might be called "peak people." The world's supply of working-age people will soon be shrinking, causing a shift from surplus to scarcity.
—Doug Sanders, "The world's losing its workers. How will we compete?," The Globe and Mail, February 11, 2012