shut in; shut off; shut out; shut out of; shut up; shy away from; side with; sift through; sign away; sign for

shut * in
把 (人或動物) 關在 (某處)
Is it kind to shut the cat in the house all day?

shut * off +
關掉 (機器、開關等);切斷 (水或電);使...不接觸,將...隔離
If you don't pay your electric bill, your power is going to get shut off.
They shut the water off while they did the repairs.

shut * out +
把 (某物) 擋在外面;把 (某人) 關在外面
You have to shut your feelings out to deal with it.

shut out of +
(通常用被動態) 不允許做;無法參加
He's been shut out of the discussions.

shut * up
Would someone shut him up! He's talking so loudly that we're going to get in trouble.

shut * up +
把 (房屋) 鎖起來 (封起來);把 (商店或其他營業場所) 關閉 (一段時間)
They shut the shop up for a fortnight while they were on holiday.

shy away from +
(因緊張、害怕或沒自信而) 迴避...,避開...,避免做...
Many learners shy away from using phrasal verbs.

side with +
支持 (某人);袒護 (某人);站在 (某人) 一邊
She always sided with my brother.

sift through +
仔細檢查 (資料、文件等);翻遍...查找
We had to sift through thousands of files before we found what we were looking for.

sign * away +
簽字放棄或讓與 (合法權利或財產權)
He signed away his rights to compensation when he signed the contract.

sign * for
代替 (某人) 簽收 (包裹或信件)
My boss was out for the day, so I signed her letters for her.