(名詞) 一團糟;雜亂無章;亂成一團;完全失控的情況;處置徹底失當的情況。這個字是由字首 omni- (全部,全面) 和 shambles (一團糟) 所構成。

Meanwhile on Twitter, the hashtag #RomneyShambles was trending on both sides of the Atlantic.

For instance, @Pawelmorski's Tweet read: "Americans: This Mitt person is some sort of American Borat, right? #romneyshambles"

The hashtag is a play on "omnishambles," from the BBC TV series "The Thick of It," a satire of British government.
—Jim Acosta, "Romney trip begins in shambles," CNN Wire, July 27, 2012

Looking at the omnishambles he presides over, I'm driven to the conclusion that if David Cameron were a Soviet-style sleeper, inserted into the Tory party in his youth on a secret mission from its enemies to destroy it from within, he could not have done a better job.
—Nigel Jones, "So, what price the 'loonies, fruitcakes and racists' of UKIP now, Dave?," Daily Mail, August 20, 2012