(名詞) 無法忍受或憎恨某些聲音 (如吃東西的聲音、嚼口香糖的聲音或喝湯的聲音)。這個字是由字首 miso- (憎恨;討厭) 和字尾 -phonia (聲音) 組合而成。
misophonic (adj.):無法忍受或憎恨某些聲音的。

For people with a condition that some scientists call misophonia, mealtime can be torture. The sounds of other people eating — chewing, chomping, slurping, gurgling — can send them into an instantaneous, blood-boiling rage....Many people can be driven to distraction by certain small sounds that do not seem to bother others — gum chewing, footsteps, humming. But sufferers of misophonia, a newly recognized condition that remains little studied and poorly understood, take the problem to a higher level.
—Joyce Cohen, "When a Chomp or a Slurp Is a Trigger for Outrage," The New York Times, September 5, 2011

For as long as she can remember, Suzanne Belasik has been a prisoner to sound. Gum cracking, crunching and the clanking of silverware against plates are just a few of the unbearable noises that make her distracted, irritated and even enraged.

While some say she is "overly sensitive," Ms. Belasik, 24, of Ross, recognizes that she has a condition called misophonia, or selective sound sensitivity syndrome.
—Emily Petsko, "For sufferers of misophonia, silence is golden," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 3, 2012