plough/plow back; plough/plow into; plough/plow on; plough/plow through; plough/plow up; plug in; plump for; point out; polish off; polish up

plough/plow * back + (plough 和 plow 分別為英式和美式拼法)
把 (利潤) 再投資
We ploughed/plowed back all the profits to grow the company.

plough/plow into +
猛然撞上 (某人或某物)
The bus skidded and ploughed/plowed into the bus stop.

plough/plow on
不畏艱難地繼續 (做某事);勉為其難地繼續堅持下去
It was really boring, but we ploughed/plowed on.

plough/plow through +
We ploughed/plowed through all seven courses.

plough/plow through +
閱讀 (困難或須耗費許多時間的東西)
It took me ages to plough/plow through 'Ulysses'.

plough/plow through +
艱難地、緩慢地或費力地通過 (人群、水域、雪地等)
The boat had to plough/plow through the ice.

plough/plow * up +
犁 (地);翻 (土)
The tractor ploughed/plowed up the field so they could sow the seed.

plug * in +
將 (設備等) 接通電源
He plugged the TV in and turned it at full blast.

plump for +
I plumped for the steak frites.

point * out +
I'd like to point out that figures in column two might be outdated.

polish * off +
She polishes off half a bottle of gin every night.

polish * up +
(透過練習) 改善、改進或提高 (某事物)
I need to polish up my French before I go to Paris.