go against; go ahead; go ahead with; go along; go along with; go around/round; go at; go away; go back; go back on

go against +
If the decision goes against me, I'll go bankrupt.

go ahead
The construction of the bypass went ahead despite the protests from environmentalists.

go ahead with +
繼續進行 (某事)
We now intend to go ahead with the final stage of the project.

go along
Everything was going along just fine until she turned up!

go along with +
贊同,同意,附和 (某人或某事)
I didn't really agree, but I went along with the decision because I was in the minority.

go around/round
I went around for dinner at their house.
I went round last night to see them.

go around/round
(疾病或消息) 流傳
A rumor is going around about the Attorney General.

go around/round
There aren't enough jobs to go around for the numbers of people graduating nowadays.

go at +
She went at her dinner like she hadn't eaten for days.

go at +
The students are really going at their studies now that the exams are near.

go away
This drug should make the pain go away.

go back
When are you going back to your house?
We went back to work after the break.

go back
追溯 (到)
My interest in the subject goes back many years.

go back on +
違背 (諾言,協議等)
Don't trust him. He always goes back on his promises.
He went back on his word and refused to lend us the money.