prattle on; press ahead; press on; price up; print out; prop up; psych out; psych up; pull ahead; pull apart

prattle on
George just prattled on instead of giving a straight answer.

press ahead (with something)
奮力前進;勇往直前;把 (某事) 堅持下去
They pressed ahead with the elections despite the violence.

press on
奮力前進;勇往直前;把 (某事) 堅持下去
We pressed on to get to our destination before night fell.

price * up +
Don't buy your camera at that shop, because they price them up terribly.

print * out +
(電腦文件) 印出
He printed out the letter and checked through it carefully.

prop * up +
支撐,頂住;(提供政治、財政或軍事援助以) 扶持,維持
The council have propped up the museum for years with grants.

psych * out +
想出或預先猜出 (某人的意圖)
We have to try to psych out our rivals.

psych * out +
使 (某人) 膽怯;使 (某人) 喪失信心
Boxers try to psych their opponents out before the fight to gain an advantage.

psych * up +
使 (某人) 做好心理準備
I psyched myself up for the exam.

pull ahead
Let that fast car pull ahead; I'd rather have such a driver in front of me than behind me.

pull * apart
把 (某人的作品、文章、論據、理論等) 批評得一無是處
My tutor pulled my essay apart.

pull * apart
把 (兩個正在打架的人或動物) 拉開
A fight broke out in the pub and it was hard to pull the people involved apart.