pull to; pull together; pull up; pull yourself together; push in; put across; put away; put back; put by

pull * to
把 (已打開的) 門或窗戶關上
Could you pull the door to, please?

pull together
(一群人) 通力合作
If we all pull together, we'll have it finished in no time.

pull up
(使車輛) 停住
The cab pulled up outside my house and I got out.

pull * up
He pulled me up because I had got my facts wrong.

pull yourself together
He was so angry that he couldn't pull himself together.

push in +
She just pushed in the queue in front of me at the supermarket checkout.

put * across +
使 (自己的想法、建議等) 被瞭解;表達;溝通
I thought Ms. Smith put her ideas across rather clearly in the meeting.
He found it difficult to put across what he wanted to say at the meeting.

put * away +
把 (某物) 收起來或放回原處
He put the dictionary away on the shelf after he'd finished the crossword.

put * away
把 (某人) 關進 (監獄或精神病院)
The judge put him away for ten years for robbery.

put * away +
儲存 (金錢) 備用
I try to put some money away every month towards our summer holiday.

put * back +
The AGM has been put back until July the seventeenth.

put * by +
儲存 (金錢) 備用
I try to put some money by every month towards our summer holiday.
Try to put a little bit by each week.