put on; put out; put over; put through; put towards; put up; put up with

put * on +
He's put on a lot of weight since he gave up smoking.

put * on +
Make sure you put on a sweater before you go outside.
I put my coat on before we went out.

put * on
I didn't believe a thing he said. I think he was putting me on.
I am not putting you on.

put * out +
Several charities put out an appeal on TV for money for the victims of the flooding in Pakistan.
The government has put out a statement denying these rumors.

put * out +
使 (火) 熄滅,使停止燃燒
Don't use water to put out a grease fire.
He put out his cigarette before entering the building.

put * out
I don't want to put you out, but could you pick me up at the airport?
Would it be putting you out greatly if I asked to change to another day?

put * over +
成功地執行 (陰謀、騙局等)
They put over a clever practical joke on us.

put * through
為 (打電話者) 接通 (某人)
Could you put me through to extension 259 please?

put * towards
出 (錢);捐獻
She put $250 towards the cost of the repairs and we had to pay the rest.

put * up
留客人在家小住 (並提供飲食);為 (某人) 提供膳宿
Can you put me up while I'm in town?
She put me up for the night because I'd missed the last bus and there were no night buses running.

put * up +
提高,增加 (價格、學費、稅額等)
The government has put tuition fees for undergraduate students up again.

put up with +
Sandy will not put up with smoking in her house.
I can't put up with my neighbor's noise any longer; it's driving me mad.