come along; come along with; come apart; come around/round; come around/round to; come before; come by; come down; come down on; come down with

come along
If you want, you can come along.

come along
(通常用進行式) 取得進步,有所進展
How's the research paper coming along?

come along with +
(跟某人) 一起去,一塊走
Sam came along with us to the beach.

come along with +
(通常用進行式) (某事) 取得進步,有所進展
How are you coming along with the research paper?

come apart
It came apart when I tried to lift it off the floor and I had to glue it back together.

come around/round
It took several hours after the operation before he came around.

come around/round to +
They have started coming around to our way of thinking and are less hostile.

come before +
He came before the court on charges of speeding.

come by +
How did you come by that new Mercedes?

come by
(到某人家裡) 拜訪,串門子
I'll come by later this afternoon.
I'll come by after work and see if you need any help.

come down
Just look at the rain coming down! I'm not going out in that.

come down
南下;(從大城市) 來到 (較小的地方)
When you're next in Taichung, come down and see us.

come down on +
The management really came down on him for losing the contract.

come down with +
He came down with the flu.
She came down with a virus.