(名詞) 暗中調查某人的朋友或社群媒體人脈。亦寫成 clique stalking
clique-stalker (名詞):暗中調查某人的朋友或社群媒體人脈的人。

As I scrolled down to check who was tagged in which photographs — and who was liking them and who was commenting — I fell into a pattern that one friend described as clique-stalking. That is: the sick pleasure of noticing, then picking apart, social-media interactions to determine which of your acquaintances know each other, and how, and why, and to what degree.
—Maureen O'Connor, "Clique-Stalking: Instagram's Greatest Social Pleasure," New York Magazine, April 24, 2015

Clique-stalking can best be described as a guilty pleasure that most of us may have indulged in at some point, which may or may not be born out of curiosity.
—Melissa D'Costa, "Are you guilty of clique-stalking?," DNA India, April 27, 2015