herd misogyny

(名詞) 一群男性對女性的仇視、憎恨或對女性所做的騷擾。

When drivers aren't screaming the slur from the safety of their cars as they zip by (the preferred MO of catcallers), the reporters said men and boys tend to do it when they're in groups — at sporting events and even film premieres. Call it herd misogyny.
—Zosia Bielski, "Herd misogyny overlooks the personal," The Globe and Mail, May 12, 2015

It may have a lot to do with herd misogyny according to Alicia Versteegh, co-director of Hollaback Toronto, an organization that works to end street harassment. … When the herd or pack is together, it seems the fact they are verbally assaulting a woman doing her job is not a concern when positive reinforcement is the payoff.
—Allison Vuchnich, "'I have felt like a piece of meat': How FHRITP is sexual harassment not just a prank," Global News, May 13, 2015