(名詞) 表面看似客觀,實則含有置入性行銷的社論。這個字是由 editorial 和 advertisement 拼綴而成。

Edvertorial content has made its way on company blogs and websites. This edvertorial content hasn't replaced traditional advertising or advertorial-style content, but has enhanced it through brand-owned property.
—"Traditional advertising, editorials, advertorials, and edvertorials: What's the difference?," White Book Agency, February 7, 2011

Designers are taking to the web to craft "content" that is editorial-seeming but entirely brand-directed. (Think every designer blog, ever, basically " whether supposedly written by the designer him or herself about his or her daily life, or whether more far-ranging in its scope.) Women's Wear Daily calls this "edvertorial," because apparently the old standby "advertorial" wasn't specific enough for a medium, the web, where so much of this stuff bleeds together already.
—"A Heavily Photoshopped Khloe Kardashian Does Most Random, Bondage-y, Fashion Cover Ever," Jezebel, January 20, 2011