Corset piercing craze sees ribbon 'sewn' into backs, ribs and throats/英國流行人肉馬甲 背部、肋骨、喉嚨「縫上」絲帶

Forget tattoos, belly button piercings and Lady Gaga-style silicone implants - the latest craze in body modification is 'corset piercing' where metal rings are pierced into the skin and joined together with a ribbon to give a corset effect.

The 'decoration', which can cost up to £300, can be applied to any area of the body where the skin is loose enough to pinch in order to thread a needle through. Popular areas include the back, ribs and, in some cases, even the throat.


But a cosmetic surgeon has now warned of the dangers of the bizarre trend which is sweeping the UK, saying the scarring following the procedure can be 'absolutely horrendous'.

Some have endured an hour of pain to achieve the corset effect but it's only temporary - after a few weeks of wear they simply grow out, leaving scars in their place.

It appears to be the latest in the 'body modification' phenomenon, which has seen people going to extraordinary levels in a bid to stand out from the crowd.

Today it's possible to be branded, scarred and even have silicone implanted under the skin to create bumps and 'horns'.

Eccentric pop star Lady Gaga is just one celebrity who's jumped on the bandwagon. She sported bizarre flesh-coloured 'horns' on her face during a television interview in February this year.

According to piercing experts, the 'corset' modification is growing in popularity as more and more brave the pain.

'I can't believe that people are going out with these things on display - they're open to any sort of infection. It's verging on masochistic.

'It's just bizarre. I saw a picture of a girl who had the front of her chest done like this, that area is very prone to scarring. It's an awful thing to do.'

Laura Hunt offers corset piercing at her Tattoo and Piercing Studio, called Dragstrip, in Southampton, Hampshire, and charges £5 per hoop.

The 25-year-old, from Southampton, who has had the piercing herself, insisted it wasn't dangerous.

She explained: 'Corset piercing is becoming more popular. Body modifications have recently become really popular as everyone wants to be different.

'It can be quite painful. It involves pinching the skin and pushing the needle through by hand.

'It's not dangerous because it's a surface piercing and doesn't go deep enough.

'It's an open wound so it has to be cleaned to prevent infection - it's just like any other piercing.

'It only lasts for three to four weeks and after that it will just grow out. It does leave a few red scars. (wrapup)


belly button -- (n.) 肚臍。

silicone implant -- (n.) 植入矽膠。如隆乳。

craze -- (n.) 時尚;風潮;潮流。與 trend, fad 同義。

body modification -- (n.) 身體改造。如刺青 (tattoos)、穿刺 (piercings) 等等。

corset piercing -- (n.) 馬甲穿刺 (即人肉馬甲)。

pierce – (v.) 穿刺。

pinch -- (v.) 捏;擰;夾。

thread a needle through -- (v.) 將針穿過 (皮肉)。To thread a needle:穿針 (將線穿過針)。

cosmetic surgeon – (n.) 整型醫師。

bizarre -- (adj.) 怪異的;異乎尋常的。

sweep -- (v.) 席捲。

scarring -- (gerund) 結疤;留下疤痕。

horrendous -- (adj.) 可怕的;駭人的。

grow out -- (phr. v.) (肉) 長出來。

stand out -- (phr. v.) 突出。To stand out from the crowd:鶴立雞群;與眾不同。

bump -- (n.) 凸塊。

eccentric -- (adj.) (人、行為等) 古怪的;怪異的。

jump on the bandwagon -- (phr.) 趕時髦;追求時尚;趕搭…順風車。這片語亦可寫成 climb on the bandwagon 或 join the bandwagon。

sport -- (v.) 炫耀。

growing in popularity -- (v.) 越來越流行。這片語亦可用 becoming more popular 來表示。

brave -- (v.) 勇敢地面對。如 to brave the pain:忍著疼痛;to brave the storm:冒著暴風雨。

verge on -- (phr. v.) 接近;近乎。

masochistic -- (adj.) 性受虐 (者) 的;受虐 (者) 的;自虐的。