(動名詞/現在分詞) 操縱科學數據以使結果在統計上似乎非常重要。
p-hack (動詞):操縱科學數據以使結果在統計上似乎非常重要。
p-hacker (名詞):操縱科學數據以使結果在統計上似乎非常重要的人。

Perhaps the worst fallacy is the kind of self-deception for which psychologist Uri Simonsohn of the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues have popularized the term P-hacking; it is also known as data-dredging, snooping, fishing, significance-chasing and double-dipping.
—Regina Nuzzo, "Scientific method: Statistical errors," Nature, February 12, 2014

If we're going to rely on science as a means for reaching the truth — and it's still the best tool we have — it's important that we understand and respect just how difficult it is to get a rigorous result. I could pontificate about all the reasons why science is arduous, but instead I'm going to let you experience one of them for yourself. Welcome to the wild world of p-hacking.
—Christie Aschwanden, "Science Isn't Broken," FiveThirtyEight, August 19, 2015