nana technology

(名詞) 設計來改善老年人生活品質的科技產品,尤指微晶片裝置。亦寫成 nanatechnology

No, that's not a typo. Nanotechnology refers to technological devices smaller than a poppy seed. At the risk of making a bad joke, I'll call nanatechnology the computer stuff for grandmas and grandpas, many of whom are your clients and patients.
—Neal E. Cutler, "Nanatechnology: Bridging the Generational Digital Divide," Today's Geriatric Medicine, March 25, 2008

"Nana technology" is both a play on the common nickname for grandmothers and on nano technology, which represents everything it is not. Nano technology is about making everything ever smaller, while nana technology is about making small technology bigger and giving seniors the tools to keep them safe and be more mentally alert.
—Frank Jossi, "Technology Nana will love," Star Tribune, January 31, 2012