nail house

(名詞) 釘子戶 (拒絕拆遷戶或拒絕搬遷戶)。亦叫做 nail household。釘子戶原為中國大陸使用的詞彙。

The vacant lot is directly across from Edith Macefield's house: a nail house that was formed by developers building the current Blocks at Ballard Complex around the house after Mrs. Macefield refused to sell.
—Shane Harms, "Rezone of Blocks at Ballard II site on the 'table'," Ballard News-Tribune, November 10, 2014

Sometimes, Chinese homeowners refuse to cash in, either because an offer is too low or for more principled reasons, and their property remains standing while the new project shoots up around it. Dingzihu, or "nail houses," as these won't-budge properties are called, have become symbols over the past several years of brave defiance of the powerful wealth that's driving new development.
—Laura Bliss, "Chinese 'Nail Houses' Won't Budge for New Development," City Lab, April 13, 2015


▲ 2007 年重慶楊家坪拆遷事件中,被中國媒體稱為「史上最牛釘子戶」的房子。(圖文取材自維基百科)