bounce back; bounce into; bounce off; bowl over; box in; box up; branch out; break away; break down; break in; break into

bounce back
恢復精神,恢復元氣,恢復健康;(經濟、市場等) 復甦,(價格) 回升
The economy is bouncing back from the recession.

bounce * into (doing something)
迫使 (某人) 做 (某事)
They have bounced the government into calling an early election.

bounce * off
They bounced ideas off each other in a brainstorming session.

bowl * over +
I was bowled over by the news.

box * in +
把...困住;使某物 (尤指車輛) 無法移動 (常用被動態)
The whole army was boxed in by the enemy and had no hope of escape.
I was boxed in by the bus and couldn't change lane.

box * up +
把...裝箱 (或裝盒)
At the end of term, I boxed my books up and sent them home.

branch out (into doing something)
The supermarkets have branched out into banking.

break away
(尤指為創建另一政黨或團體而) 脫離 (某政黨或團體)
The SDP broke away from the Labor Party.

break down
(關係、談判等) 破裂,失敗
The talks between management and the unions broke down acrimoniously.

break down
(機器) 壞掉,故障;停止運轉
The truck broke down in the desert.

break down
(尤指在公眾場合) 開始哭泣、情緒失控、崩潰
He broke down in tears.
She broke down after her husband died.

break in
打斷 (談話);插嘴
While we were discussing the situation, Mary broke in to give her opinion.

break in
(尤指為了竊盜而) 闖入
The burglar broke in between midnight and 3 AM.
The burglars broke in and stole the TV and video.

break * in +
使 (新產品) 逐漸舒適合用
I need to break these shoes in before I go hiking.
I must watch my speed until I break in my new Volvo.

break * in +
馴服 (馬)
It took ages to break the horse in.

break into +
(尤指為了竊盜而) 闖入 (屋內)
The burglar broke into the house between midnight and 3 AM.

break into +
打斷 (談話、思緒等)
Jane broke into the conversation and told us what she knew.