(名詞) 煮飯做菜時所使用或消耗的能源及其他資源。這個字是由 cooking 和 footprint (足跡;腳印) 拼綴而成。

使用 footprint 來表示人類活動對自然環境的影響大概已有30年的時間。吾人最熟悉的可能是它被用來構成 carbon footprint (碳足跡 -- 首次出現在1999年) 這個片語,但更早之前已有兩個意思相同、但講法不同的片語存在,它們是 ecological footprint (生態足跡 -- 1992年) 和 environmental footprint (環境足跡 -- 1979年)。

Need help reducing your carbon "cookprint"?

A new crop of climate-conscious cookbooks is turning 2009 into the year of the ecovore.
—"Here's a new crop of climate-conscious cookbooks," The Kansas City Star, April 22, 2009

Well now the bloody greenies have come up with a new bogeyman to bother you with — "The Cookprint". Yes, I know you thought it was all about carbon footprints but that's so last year, now we worry about the cookprint. Are you cooking green ? Are you sure? What about your favourite recipe books from Jamie, Gordo inter alia.?
—Brian McCune, "Careful, your cookprint is showing," Kitsch 'n' Zinc, April 15, 2009