quiet car

(名詞) 寂靜的車廂:乘客不可講手機或使用其他吵雜電子裝置的火車或地鐵車廂。
quiet-car (形容詞)。

The Long Island Rail Road plans to test a "quiet car" on some trains this fall, giving customers a tranquil refuge from annoying ring tones, loud cellphone conversations and assorted other auditory nuisances....

For years, commuters have called for the LIRR to take action against obnoxious chatterboxes. Railroad officials previously said it would be difficult to enforce a quiet-car policy.
—Alfonso A. Castillo, "LIRR plans to test 'quiet cars'," Newsday, September 23, 2011

Beginning Oct. 3, a passenger car on every weekday Metrolink train will be designated as a "quiet car." Cellphones, smartphones or electronic devices that can be heard by others will not be allowed.

"Some of our passengers prefer to socialize or do business on the train. We encourage that — just not on the new quiet cars," said Metrolink Board Chairman Richard Katz.
—Alejandra Molina, "No cellphones on Metrolink's quiet car," Orange County Register, September 28, 2011