road diet

(名詞) 道路減肥 - 道路線道數的縮減,通常是將現有的一個或多個線道 (travel lanes) 變成腳踏車專用道或停車位。

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced an 18-month campaign to improve road safety across the country. One of the things DOT plans to do is create a guide to "road diets" that it will distribute to communities and local governments. DOT says that road diets can reduce traffic crashes by an average of 29 percent, and that in some smaller towns the design approach can cut crashes nearly in half.
—Eric Jaffe, "So What Exactly Is a 'Road Diet'?," City Lab, September 12, 2014

No offense to Kensington Avenue, but the road could use a little slimming down.

At least that's the thinking of the Town of Amherst, which is prescribing a "road diet" for the one-mile stretch of Kensington, between Main Street and Harlem Road.

Of course, in this case, a diet actually means restriping the county-owned road to reduce the number of travel lanes. That's expected to lower the speed of the traffic, while opening up the possibilities of adding bicycle lanes and street parking.
—Jay Rey, "'Road diet' prescribed for Kensington Avenue in Amherst," The Buffalo News, April 29, 2015

▲ Road diet 圖片來源:Eric Fredericks (Flickr)