(名詞) 新娘 (婚前) 瘦身減重餐。這個字是由 bridal 和 diet 拼綴而成。

But as Ms Middleton's private life has become as much a part of our quotidian as breakfast, it is her weight that is perhaps attracting the most attention. Her supposed eating plan has even coined a new vernacular term — the "briet", or bridal diet.
—Harriet Walker, "A taste of royal things to come? Fat police on case of bride-to-be's figure," The Independent, April 14, 2011

Magazines have taken to publishing before and after shots of "painfully thin Kate", calling her "Queen of diets" and "Slimline Kate", and speculating on the "briet", or bridal diet.
—Miranda Devine, "Weight off their minds," The Sunday Telegraph, April 24, 2011