World’s longest-serving den mother/世界服務最久的幼童軍女訓導

When Adele Trapp first volunteered as a den mother for one of Brooklyn's Cub Scout groups, Dwight Eisenhower was President and a first-class stamp cost three cents.

That was 53 years ago. The mild-mannered great-grandmother has been opening her heart to kids ever since.

Trapp, 96, has attended weekly scout meetings of Bedford-Stuyvesant's Pack 263 for more than half her life and has taught kids arts and crafts while offering pearls of wisdom.

In honor of her decades-long commitment, she has just been honored as the world's longest-serving den mother by Guinness World Records.

She overtook Marion Rohner of the Hudson Valley Council Boy Scouts, who served 43 years.

"It's beautiful; it's very nice," Trapp said as she was presented with a certificate of her achievements at St. Phillips Church on Decatur St. this week.

"I'm not out for an award."

This is not the first time Trapp has been a record breaker.

In 2005, when she was 90, she was celebrated as the oldest employee in New York's public school system for her work as a full-time school aide at Junior High School 258 in Brooklyn. (New York Daily News)


volunteer -- (v.) 自願服務;擔任志工。

den mother -- (n.) (美國幼年童子軍小隊之) 女訓導。

cub scout -- (n.) 幼童軍 (8 至 11 歲的童子軍)。

mild-mannered -- (adj.) 溫文爾雅的,溫良恭謹的。

pearls of wisdom -- (n.) 妙語如珠;至理名言。例如:The words from my grandmother's mouth are pearls of wisdom. (從我祖母嘴中說出來的話都是至理名言)。

in honor of -- (phr.) 向…致敬;向…表示敬意。

honor -- (v.) 致敬;給予…的榮耀。

Guinness World Records -- (n.) 金氏世界紀錄大全。

overtake -- (v.) 追上;趕上;超越。

record breaker -- (n.) 破紀錄的人。

public school -- (n.) 公立學校。注意:這是美國的用法 (美國的私立學校叫做 private school);public school 在英國指的是「私立學校」(英國的公立學校叫做 state school)。