(名詞) 已失業至少 99 週、無法再領失業給付的美國公民。

99 週是美國失業勞工可請領失業給付的最高週數。

Even as she spends 40 to 55 hours a week looking for work, she's founded a swelling national grass-roots movement to aid people like her: the so-called 99ers. Named for the maximum number of weeks the jobless can now collect unemployment insurance (UI), these long-term jobless are clamoring for faster job creation and extended jobless benefits.
—Margaret Price, "When unemployment extensions end, a movement rises: the 99ers," The Christian Science Monitor, November 4, 2010

The moribund numbers came as no surprise to Lester and Nancy Miller. After losing their sales positions, the Boca Raton couple have searched fruitlessly for work, applying for hundreds of positions. Nancy Miller calls herself a "99er," the nickname for workers who have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.
—Jeff Ostrowski, "Jobless rate drops as fewer look for work," Palm Beach Post, Nov. 19, 2010