sneak out; sneak up on; sniff around/round; sniff at; sniff out; snitch on; snuff out; sober up

sneak out
Although the thieves tried to sneak out after dark, we were ready for them.

sneak up on +
偷偷地接近 (某人);躡手躡腳地走近 (某人)
Harry tried to sneak up on the guard, but was seen anyway.

sniff around/round
四處查看 (看看是否有好的或更好的東西)
I sniffed around to see if I could find a better deal.

sniff at +
A job opportunity like that is not to be sniffed at. (not to be sniffed at:非常好;值得認真考慮;不可嗤之以鼻)

sniff * out +
聞出,嗅出 (通常指狗)
Customs use dogs to sniff out illegal drugs being smuggled in.

sniff * out +
察覺到或感覺到 (某壞事);挖掘 (某人不想為人所知的事情、內幕等)
Our rivals are trying to sniff out our plans for expansion.

snitch on +
告發、檢舉 (某人);告 (某人) 的狀;打 (某人) 的小報告
David was caught after someone snitched on him to the teacher.

snuff out +
(用手指或熄燭器) 熄滅 (燭火);熄滅 (火焰等)
I snuffed out the candles before I went to bed.

snuff out +
殺死 (人);(尤指用武力) 終結,扼殺,撲滅
He got snuffed out in a gang war.
It was the government's most brutal attempt to snuff out the rebellion.

snuff out +
扼殺 (機會、不同意見等),否定,禁止
I messed up the first question, which snuffed out my chances of getting a good grade.

sober up
酒醒;(酒醉後) 清醒
Keith sobered up a bit when we left the pub and walked home.

sober * up
使 (某人) 酒醒;使 (某人) 清醒
The news seemed to sober him up instantly.