bet dieting

(名詞/動名詞) 打賭減肥;打賭減重。
bet dieter (n.):打賭減肥者;打賭減重者。

這是美國和英國新興的減重方法,而且越來越流行。其作法是:想要減肥的人加入某個打賭減肥網站 (如 StickK) 並打賭如果減肥不成功就將一筆錢捐給他或她不喜歡或不認同的某個慈善機構或其他組織。相似的片語還有 diet betting 和 diet bet,但它們早在一、二十年前就已出現,其中 diet bet 更可追溯到 1986 年。

Bet dieting is the newest rage and there are a few websites that enable it, but stickK has an extra ploy: the "anti-charity." Choosing the most politically controversial non-profit charities to motivate someone to achieve their goals is a great idea. Science and the stock market know that risk is a much more powerful motivator than reward.
—Boomer Babe, "Bet dieting: If You Lose You Pay Guns, God, & Gays!," InventorSpot, May 23, 2009

Most of the seasonal customs Drake-Carnell records appear, like my Bank Holidays, to involve cakes and ale in some combination. Some of them in bizarre conjunction with penny-throwing or ancient religious, possibly even pagan, observance. But none of them combine food, money and cultish devotion like the contemporary craze that is bet dieting.

It was reported this weekend that slimmers are signing up for a website called StickK, on which they post their target weight and pledge to donate money to a cause they hate if they fail to meet their target. Apparently this provides dieters with the extra incentive necessary to shift the last stubborn pounds.
—Michael Gove, "Ye olde custom: cursing of the SatNav," The Times (London), May 25, 2009