attention theft

(名詞) 一個人的注意力受到不想要或不請自來的文字 (如簡訊)、聲音或影像的干擾。
attention thief (名詞):干擾一個人之注意力的文字 (如簡訊)、聲音或影像。

The Internet is the worst polluter of all. Spam isn't even pollution, it's attention theft. But even legitimate email is typically copied to more people than necessary and contaminated by excess verbiage and endless reply loops.
—Jakob Nielsen, "Information Pollution," Neilsen Norman Group, August 11, 2013

You cannot choose what you notice at the moment. But you can alter your habits. Much more is now known about the importance of adaptive learning. The more that those habits involve fascination with some aspects of the world instead of entertainment by tuning out, the less empty overconsumption or casual attention theft you may suffer. Sensibilities to surroundings don't involve just roses, but also rooms, streets, and neighborhoods.
—Malcolm McCullough, "On attention to surroundings," Interactions, December 15, 2012