tow away; trip out; type in; type out; urge on; urge upon; usher in

tow * away +
拖吊 (尤指違規停放的車輛)
Cindy parked in a no-parking zone and they towed her car away.

trip out
(使用麻醉藥品後) 產生幻覺
After taking the LSD Peter tripped out for hours.

type * in +
He typed the text in and printed it out.

type * out +
(用鍵盤) 將 ... 全文打出
The student typed her essay out and handed it in the last minute.

urge * on +
The crowd urged the players on.

urge * on/upon (urge sth on/upon sb)
說服、要求或施壓 (某人) 接受 (某事)
They urged the contract on the company. (他們說服那家公司接受合約)
Helen urged the agreement upon Billy. (海倫要求比利接受協議)

usher in +
His appointment as CEO ushered in a whole new phase in the company's growth.
We always give a party to usher in the New Year.