sleeper car

(名詞) 研議中完全自動的無人駕駛汽車,可讓乘客在長途旅行或夜間旅行中安心地呼呼大睡。

Sleeper cars’ will become available for long journeys where you’ll simply set off at night, tuck yourself into the incorporated bed, with blacked-out windows if there are windows at all, and wake up right outside your destination, be it Land’s End to John O’Groats, or a cross-Europe trip.
—Rory Buckeridge, “Autonomous Cars and Man’s Future: The Road Ahead,” Factor, June 29, 2015

Being whisked from point A to point B in a robot-chauffeured vehicle has some obvious attractions: one can imagine reading, chatting, working, or even sleeping during the daily commute. Alternatively, picture retiring for the night in a sleeper car in one city, and waking up well-rested at your destination hundreds of miles away.
—“The Great Green Promise of the Driverless Car,” The American Interest, July 8, 2015