gift creep

(名詞) 一個人送禮的範圍和禮物的價值逐漸增加。

He's dead against 'gift inflation' — where last year's book becomes this year's Kindle becomes next year's coffee machine with aeronautic milk frother; and against 'gift creep' too, where you suddenly find yourself deliberating between decorative olive oils for your child's former form teacher.
—Mimi Spencer, "Gold, frankincense and myrrh, perhaps. But a hand-shaped stand for rubber gloves?," The Daily Mail, December 23, 2012

If this panic-laden scenario sounds familiar, it could mean you're a victim of "gift creep" — a new phrase coined to sum up those little extra presents we snap up at the last minute in the hope they'll make the original gifts we chose look better.
—"Will 'gift creep' catch you out this year?," Western Daily Press, December 14, 2013