creep in; creep into; creep out; creep out on; creep over; creep up on; crop up

creep in
(感情或感覺) 逐漸出現
He tried to stay calm, but you could hear the anger creeping in.

creep in
Errors crept in as the text got longer.

creep into +
(某事物) 出現 (在某事物中)
An angry tone crept into her voice.

creep * out +
使 (某人) 感到憂慮或不安
He creeps me out when he gets drunk.

creep out on +
He's been creeping out on that computer game all day.

creep over +
Fear crept over me as I walked through the graveyard.

creep up on +
悄悄靠近 (某人)
They crept up on their rivals and overtook them.

crop up
I'm going to be late tonight as something has just cropped up at work.