one too many

1. 飲酒稍稍過量;足以使人喝醉的一杯。
2. 勝過;比 (某人) 厲害;非 (某人) 所能敵。
3. (社交場合) 多餘的人。

註:第 2 義中的 one 可省略;第 3 義的 one too many 是指一個多餘的人,若是兩個或三個多餘的人,則是 two or three too many,其餘依此類推。


  1. Randy drank one too many so his friends would not let him drive home. (蘭迪多喝了一杯 [有點醉],所以他的朋友不讓他開車回家)
    Don't drive if you've had one too many. (如果你多喝了一杯就別開車)
  2. The criminal is one too many for the police. (警察對付不了那個罪犯/警察拿那個罪犯沒辦法)
    Jack is (one) too many for me. (我不是傑克的對手)
  3. I seemed to be one too many at my ex-girlfriend's wedding ceremony. (我似乎是我前女友婚禮上多餘的人)
    John and Mary were two too many at my birthday party because they weren't my friends. (約翰和瑪麗是我生日派對上多餘的人,因為他們不是我的朋友)