(動詞) 收看你認為很爛的電視節目。亦寫成 hatewatch
hate-watching/hatewatch (名詞):收看你認為很爛的電視節目的行為。
hate-watcher (名詞):收看你認為很爛的電視節目的人。

Four episodes into its ninth series, The Apprentice has settled into its role as the nation's favourite hate-watch. The 16 grasping nitwits who began grovelling for Lord Sugar's favour at the outset were loathsome even by the formidable standards established by the franchise, and this isn't the week they suddenly grow more likable.
—Andrew Mueller, "TV highlights 22/05/2013," The Guardian, May 22, 2013

Having said all that, if they end another episode with a montage over Coldplay's "Fix You," I will never hate-watch The Newsroom again — I just won't watch it.
—Pete McQuaid, "Craziness gets under 'The Dome'," The Lowell Sun, July 8, 2013