pass down; pass over; pass round; pat down; patch together; patch up

pass * down +
把 (知識、技能或財產) 往下傳或傳給年輕的一代;(故事等) 流傳下來
The tales were passed down for centuries without changing any of the words.

pass over +
Let's pass over what they said and get on.

pass * round +
(在現場的一群人中) 傳遞,傳來傳去
They passed round copies of the handbook.

pat * down
(用手) 搜查,搜 (某人) 的身
The police patted them down for weapons but found nothing.
All of the passengers were patted down by the airport police.

patch * together +
倉促拼湊 (某物或觀點)
They patched together a coalition after the election.

patch * up +
平息,解決 (糾紛、爭端等);重修 (舊好)
I tried to patch things up after the argument, but they wouldn't speak to me.

patch * up +
給予 (傷者) 基本治療
After the accident, they patched her up and sent her to hospital.