binge learning

(現在分詞/動名詞) 強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程。亦寫成 binge-learning
binge learn (動詞):強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程。
binge learner (名詞):強迫性地或著魔般地看線上講座或修線上課程的人。

Chief Executive Markus Witte said Babbel quickly found that it was not how much one could learn in one sitting, but how little. “Binge learners tend not to come back,” he said. “People who learn a little tend to come back more regularly.”
—Eric Auchard, “Mobile language apps help millions learn less, more often,” Reuters, August 21, 2015

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan explains why binge-learning doesn’t work…To learn something, you need to make a commitment and hold yourself to that commitment, says Khan Academy founder Salman Khan. You can’t binge learn something for three hours the first day and then taper off.
—“Consistency Is the Key to Learning,” Money, February 29, 2016